Here is what some past clients have said.   These clients have given permission for their anonymised Testimonial to be included on this website.

"For me, talk therapy with Maria/Room To Grow, was exactly what I needed to put my world in perspective.  I was struggling with balancing work, marriage, motherhood and personal time.  Being able to talk through some of my challenges with the opportunity to talk through different solutions was really helpful.  I was able to understand how other people might be reacting to my behaviour and I can now see how inflexible I have been.  After our sessions I feel lighter and empowered to make changes.  I feel happier and more like the old me.  Thank you".

"Maria is fantastic.  I've never attended counselling before, and yet I instantly felt at ease.  Maria is very good at asking questions which get to the core of the problem without judgement.  Six sessions have truly had a huge impact and I can't thank Maria enough for that".

"Maria helped my partner and I discuss topics that we had previously found very challenging.  She offered a safe, calm environment, and was completely impartial when guiding us through the discussions, allowing each of us to share our opinions openly.  She was also very good at encouraging complete clarity in discussions, and myself and my partner learnt things about each other that we had not previously known.  Having counselling with Maria strengthened our relationship greatly, and we are now able to talk about the topics we had previously found challenging in a productive, calm manner.  Maria was kind, empathic and completely engaged during each session.  Maria helped us to move forward as a couple in the best possible way.  I would highly recommend Maria for couples counselling.  Thank you very much Maria".  (couples counselling).

"Maria took time to understand what I wanted to get out of our sessions together and understood that I came with lots of therapy experience so addressed my specific needs,  Maria was able to share creative tools to help me manage my intrusive thoughts and allowed me space to discuss traumatic experiences from my past that were impacting on me at the time".

"My son was always happy to meet with Maria.  She was friendly, approachable, and I could tell that he felt at ease with her.  He came out of his meetings happy and has taken on board her techniques to help him should he need them,  As a parent, I would whole heartedly recommend Maria".

"Maria is amazing.  From my first session I was able to talk about certain things that I wouldn't with friends and family.  She made me feel very welcome and safe, and only six weeks later, I have seen an incredible achievement of becoming more myself again.  Without Maria's help, guidance, and kindness, I would be in a completely different situation. Thank you so much".

"Maria is a great combination of supportive and challenging.  She is a perceptive listener who ensures that you feel heard and understood while helping you get to the root of what you have come to her to discuss".

"Maria offered me a 15 minute consultation phone call beforehand to ensure she could support me with my end goal.  This was invaluable to me as I have never had counselling before and needed to make sure the person I chose I could connect with.  Maria was professional and caring in her approach to my situation.  She made me feel instantly at ease and  I felt I could discuss anything.  The way I feel now has really helped me move on with my life, deal with some past experiences that weren't pleasant and have the inner ability to deal with situations that may arise in the future".

"I can't thank Maria enough for all her help with various issues.  I found Maria very understanding, non-judgemental, and very easy to chat to.  I felt very comfortable, relaxed, and listened to".

"I felt relaxed talking to Maria from the first session, she really put me at ease and her room was a safe and trusting place to talk and open up.  I am very grateful for her help and guidance throughout my sessions".

"I was suffering with PTSD and anxiety over a tragic event in my life and Maria was empathic, kind, patient and allowed me to go through what I needed to go through in order to understand how to deal with this.  Maria showed me different techniques to use so when the bad days happen, I know how to deal with them better.  The calm, safe space that the sessions are held in, is also the perfect place to go through what you need to in order to process it better.  Would 110% recommend".


"Maria has really helped our relationship get back on track and to stop it feeling like a bit of a battle.  She has taught us to listen, understand and accept each other for who we are and we have really learnt a lot about ourselves too.  When we look back now, we can't believe we went for so long without contacting her, as things have never been better.  Would highly recommend to any couple". (couples counselling).


"Thank you so much Maria. My sessions with you gave me the time and space to think about my feelings and talk them through without having the worry that I could upset or offend someone who is attached to my situation. You were so sensitive and kind throughout.  It was also a great help when you linked some things together that hadn't occurred to me, and this gave clarity to some of the issues that I had been worrying about and I have since been able to think about those things and come up with my own resolutions". 


"This is not the first time I have been a client of Maria's.  I know that in times of potential or actual high stress/anxiety/depression, I can turn to her for the support I need to get through.  Sometimes all you need is someone outside of your family and friends to see things from a different perspective to help you to see that your feelings are justified. Maria brings a calming presence to these stressful situations and creates a safe, non-judgement space.  She is flexible and will bend over backwards to provide the help that you need". 


"When I first came to Maria my mind was very muddled and I needed to process something that had happened recently in my family.  After a few sessions I was beginning to understand and work through different situations, feeling stronger and to have the coping mechanisms to use in conversations and situations that arise in every day life and those that we don't expect that have a huge impact".


"I feel closer to my authentic self, feel a lot happier and feel like a lot of weight has lifted off my shoulders".


"I would recommend Maria as a counsellor for anyone who wants to talk about their situation and allocate time and space to process things and reflect. She provides a confidential comfortable space and was very accommodating to my needs around childcare etc. Maria listened to my situation and helped me explore things on a deeper level and process things; whilst working through what I wanted and needed for things to feel improved".


"Maria provided a comfortable and safe environment where we could openly and honestly discuss the issues within our marriage and helped us to discover a way to have a better and healthier relationship". (couples counselling). 


"I found the counselling sessions very effective because I had someone who actively listened to me, without me feeling judged.  I began to see the progress that I was starting to make in order to make things better for myself.  I was supported to find solutions but also provided with helpful tools that I could use in everyday life to reduce my anxiety and stress levels". 


"Maria was fantastic! She empathised and I felt like she made sure to understand me and my circumstances before offering me the tools I needed. Maria was supportive and encouraging in regards to helping me feel capable to overcome what has been a very long and challenging period of my life". 


"Maria created a very calm and safe environment for me to speak.  It felt I could talk, laugh or cry without feeling any judgement.  I was able to let a lot of emotion flow out of me, but that was needed as I didn't feel I could do that with a family member or friends without upsetting them.  I would highly recommend Room To Grow Counselling".


"Maria was an excellent help to me. She was reliable, caring and she listened and I felt reassured. She gave me practical tools and strategies to cope with a very stressful situation". 


"Maria has really helped me to look at my feelings and thoughts in a different way to allow me to feel less hurt by others' actions from the past and present.  Maria has also helped me to understand why people and myself might act in certain ways and she has enabled me to develop a more positive outlook towards my life and myself.  Thank you very much Maria for your excellent counselling which I will always be grateful for".


"When I first came to Maria to talk I was aware that I had behaviours and feelings I was having issues with.  She helped me work through them at my own pace and understand my behaviours and explore their roots.  It is gentle and self-guided which allowed me to stay in my comfort zone but probe in a safe environment.  Maria is very empathic and honest, two traits that it is difficult to combine.  For anyone that is unsure about counselling or finds it intimidating, I would recommend Room To Grow without reservation".


"I very quickly felt comfortable talking to Maria who really listens.  We explored my current difficulties and ways I could help myself feel better and more in control.  Maria is non-judgemental, calm and positive, and is a skilled and understanding counsellor".


"I found the counselling so helpful. At the beginning I didn't think I'd be able to get over the thoughts and feelings I was having after witnessing a fatal traffic accident. As soon as we did the Rewind Technique, it was as though it had happened to someone else. It was excellent in helping me".


"I now rarely experience panic attacks.  I was able to rationalise things causing me anxiety by talking about them".


"A great counsellor who listens and provides the tools needed to help with the pressing issues.  Easy to connect with and made me feel very comfortable".


"During sessions with Maria, I felt safe and validated which, for me, was important when talking about some of the issues that I faced.  I was always reminded of the need to view myself and my emotions seriously, which I feel has made a dramatic difference in my self esteem and my ability to handle adversity".


"I met with Maria when I was struggling with debilitating anxiety brought on by a change of circumstances in my life.  I found it difficult to even leave my home.  My emotions were ruling me and I couldn't make a confident logical decision.  Over the course of the sessions I had the space to work through what my thoughts actually were and what the right steps forward were for me.  I still use these skills in difficult times to ground my thoughts.  I have even found the confidence to get a part-time job".  


"Room To Grow is an appropriate name as Maria gently and effectively helped me to explore my inner self, to understand and firm up my roots, allowing me to bloom".  


"I have, in the past, always been a bit sceptical about counselling until I was in that position myself.  My views have totally changed.  Maria has helped me find myself.  I will be forever grateful".


"Maria was very attentive and observant.  She helped me a lot and I would recommend her to anybody.  She helped me understand who I am and got me to do it myself.  I'm now having a very good time and I am much happier for it".


"Thank you for providing us with a comfortable and non-judgemental environment to discuss our relationship issues.  Both of us were given the respect and time to be open and honest about underlying problems, and we would highly recomment Maria".  (couples counselling).


"I've really enjoyed working with Maria, she has been so approachable and non-judgemental.  I actively looked forward to our sessions, in between times it made me really aware of what was going on around me, so that I could discuss these things each week.  Maria is very human which allows you to relax, I feel a real sense of empathy and understanding from Maria.  It's a very non stressful environment.  Maria is in no way pushy nor tries to sway you a particular way, justs asks questions and helps you explore things in more than one way.  It has been very thought provoking and empowering.  Many thanks Maria".


"Maria was attentive, understanding and enabling.  She allowed me to be heard.  My anxieties shared assisted in reducing, and eventually ceasing, my own responsive behaviours to the situation.  I now have positive outlook and control in the situation.  Thank you".



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