Counselling & Clinical Supervision

Hello.  My name is Maria Edwards.  I am a qualified, experienced and registered Counsellor & Clinical Supervisor.  I provide a safe, non-judgemental, supportive, confidential, private, and quiet space where you can explore experiences, thoughts, feelings, memories and losses, that may be getting in the way of your daily life and of feeling at ease with yourself and others.

Often, past and current life events affect our lives, thoughts, behaviour and decisions. Counselling can help explore patterns of behaviour, and patterns of relating to others. Exploring thoughts and behavioural patterns can facilitate an increased awareness of self, and with this new found self-awareness, people can change the way they live their lives, putting them in control of the decisions and choices they make.

I have experience in working with people from a range of ages, sexualities, backgrounds and cultures, and have been moved and privileged to be part of their individual journeys.  I  have seen them through tears, heartache, despair, as well as joy and relief when they start to realise their own personal changes, strengths and growth.

Many of us learn, through our life experiences, that some of our real needs and feelings are not acceptable to others, and therefore, we find it difficult to accept them ourselves.  This can result in anxiety, depression, shame, self-hatred, self-destructive patterns, and other forms of distress

as we adapt ourselves to behave in a way which we feel is acceptable to others.  In doing this, we ignore our true needs.

In a healing relationship with an empathic therapist, we can explore and experience these needs and feelings and be able to accept them in ourselves.  When we accept that our own needs and feelings are valid (eg. need for love, respect, acceptance, relationships etc) we become better equipped to meet them, to trust ourselves, and find our way to a more authentic and fulfilling life.  I will support you to grow and feel more confident about trusting yourself.

If you come to counselling with me you will be setting the pace of the work.  We will work with whatever you wish to bring and at whatever pace and depth you choose.  I will facilitate the work, but you are the expert of your own experience.

Finding the right counsellor or supervisor to work with is of utmost importance for the therapy or supervision to be effective.  If you are interested in exploring what it might be like to work with me, please get in touch.

 Your initial telephone assessment will be Free of charge.  If you then decide that you would like sessions with me, we can discuss a mutually convenient time and day for your first appointment.

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